Frequently Asked Questions


Click the Join/Create League button on the menu bar. Then hit the Create League button, create your settings, and then invite friends to play!
You can draft at anytime! Drafts times aren’t pre-set. Once you and the rest of your league are ready to draft, go to your league Rules & Settings page and click the start draft button! You and your league members will be taken to the draft page! Again, only the League Manager (the person who created the league) can start the draft.
Movies will be automatically drafted for you. You will be given the best available movie based on its average draft position in other drafts.
Points can be gained via three different avenues: box office, Metacritic, and Oscars. For a complete breakdown, visit our rules page here.
Roster sizes are determined by the number of players in a league.
Leagues can be started at any time before August 31st.
Yes. Movies can be traded amongst players. Multiple movies can be traded at once. Players involved in a trade do not have to send over the same number of movies. For instance, Player A can trade three (3) movies to Player B in exchange for just one (1) movie. A movie can’t be traded after 10am the day before its release. Only two teams can be involved in a trade. The trade deadline is December 1st at 12:01am. For more trade questions, visit our official rules page here.
The movie will be automatically removed from your roster. Check our news feed for date changes.
Movies can earn points for being nominated and for winning Oscars. Nomination points will be added as nominations are announced. Points for Oscar wins will be added live during the ceremony.
Nah, this is a marathon! Whoever has the most points at the finish line is the winner! It’s possible for the player in last place to jump to first in a heartbeat!
No. But maybe in the future...
By having the most points at season’s end.
Let us know! There are A LOT of movies that come out in a year and we do our best to make sure we have them all in our database but we’re bound to miss some. So please hit us up and tell us what we’re missing. You can contact us here!
Oh no! Please contact us here and we’ll address it as soon as we can!
Relax! Contact us here and we’ll do our best to help you!

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