Draft Tips!

Hey everyone!

Are you ready to draft? Great! Afraid you have no idea what the hell you’re doing? Perfectly understandable!

We thought we would provide you all with some tips to help make sure you have a successful draft.

  • Grab Those Blockbusters!
    • This probably goes with out saying but we’ll say it anyway. In the early rounds, when it’s your time to pick, take what looks to be the most surefire box office hit available. Established franchises are typically your safest bet.
    • When in doubt, draft the next available Disney movie.
  • Draft With Your Brain Early and Your Heart Later
    • Super excited for your favorite up-and-coming director’s next movie? Great! Think it’ll make a ton of money? No? Well, then don’t draft it. At least not at first. It’s more fun to draft movies you like but sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and pick the latest ‘Transformers’ fiasco because you know it’s going to make a few bucks.
    • But after the first 8-10 rounds, totally pick with your heart! If you’re excited about some weird movie that means there’s probably some other weirdos that are excited too! That’s gotta count for something!
  • Wait For Oscar Contenders
    • Having Oscar contenders on your roster is essential to win your league’s championship. That said, trying to guess what movies will be contending a year out is a tough task. Focus on what movies will be box office hits. Most best picture nominees are picked up as free agents.
    • Still, there are certain prestige directors and actors (Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, DiCaprio) that can warrant a mid-round pick.
  • Be Wary of Netflix
    • Movies released through Netflix are eligible for Metacritic and Oscar points but no box office. They’re usually not worth a draft pick.
  • Stay Calm
    • Do people go on a run picking prestige movies in the third round? Let ’em do it. That means there’s probably some big, juicy sequel just waiting to be nabbed. Stick to your game plan and everything will be all right, my friend.

If you have any questions, please ask!